VOLUME 8 - ISSUE 3 / 2015

Monica Levy Andersen
Sleep Sci. 2015;8(3):107
The family role in children's sleep disturbances: Results from a cross-sectional study in a Portuguese Urban pediatric population
Andreia Luís Martins; Petra Chaves; Ana Luísa Papoila; Helena Cristina Loureiro
Sleep Sci. 2015;8(3):108-114
Effects of an adapted mattress in musculoskeletal pain and sleep quality in institutionalized elders
Victor Ancuelle; Rodrigo Zamudio; Andrea Mendiola; Daniel Guillen; Pedro J Ortiz; Tania Tello; Darwin Vizcarra
Sleep Sci. 2015;8(3):115-120
Assessment of interobserver concordance in polysomnography scoring of sleep bruxism
Otávio Ferraz; Thais de Moura Guimarães; Milton Maluly Filho; Cibele Dal-Fabbro; Thays Abraão Crosara Cunha; Ana Cristina Lotaif; Teresa Cristina Barros Schütz; Rogério Santos-Silva; Sergio Tufik; Lia Bittencourt
Sleep Sci. 2015;8(3):121-123
Sleep quality and the treatment of intestinal microbiota imbalance in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A pilot study
Melinda L. Jackson; Henry Butt; Michelle Ball; Donald P. Lewis; Dorothy Bruck
Sleep Sci. 2015;8(3):124-133
The role of flow limitation as an important diagnostic tool and clinical finding in mild sleep-disordered breathing
Nevin Arora; Gerard Meskill; Christian Guilleminault
Sleep Sci. 2015;8(3):134-142
Interactions between sleep, stress, and metabolism: From physiological to pathological conditions
Camila Hirotsu; Sergio Tufik; Monica Levy Andersen
Sleep Sci. 2015;8(3):143-152
Pedunculopontine arousal system physiology - Deep brain stimulation (DBS)
Edgar Garcia-Rill; Brennon Luster; Stasia D'Onofrio; Susan Mahaffey; Veronica Bisagno; Francisco J. Urbano
Sleep Sci. 2015;8(3):153-161
Pedunculopontine arousal system physiology—Effects of psychostimulant abuse
Francisco J. Urbano; Verónica Bisagno; Betina González; María Celeste Rivero-Echeto; Javier A. Muñiz; Brennon Luster; Stasia D'Onofrio; Susan Mahaffey; Edgar Garcia-Rill
Sleep Sci. 2015;8(3):162-168

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