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Short notes about the XIV Brazilian congress on sleep

Andrea Bacelar

At the end of 2013, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, we carried out the XIV Brazilian Congress on Sleep, and I addressed you with a feeling of accomplishment. Everyone involved, from the sponsors, the listeners, through the speakers, only spun praises to the event. It really was a huge success! And what made it so special? That's not, for sure, what we did or how we did, but why we did it.

What we did? The event brought together around 80 (eighty) national speakers of remarkable knowledge, experience and leadership in the area of sleep. This has made it possible to offer a high quality, multicentric and comprehensive scientific programming.

In addition, we had the participation of 11 (eleven) international renowned speakers: from the United States, Dr. David Rapoport and Dr. Carlos Schenck; from Europe, Dr. Oliviero Bruni (Italy), Dr. Vladislav Viazovski (England), Dr. Oliver Vanderveken (Belgium); Dr. Giora Pillar, from Israel; Dr. Robert Skomro, from Canada and; Dr. Peter Cistulli, from Australia. Coming from our mother/sister nation overseas, Drs. Marta Gonçalves, Ana Rita Peralta and Teresa Paiva, who shared with us the II Luso-Brazilian Sleep Symposium, inserted in our Congress and chaired by Dr. Sergio Tufik.

For illustration only, some scientific highlights of the conference themes were: PAP Treatment for CSA and Complex Sleep Patients; Sleep Homeostasis and the Function of Sleep; Differential Diagnosis of Abnormal Movements During Sleep; Efficacy and Effectiveness of Oral Appliance Therapy in OSAS; State Dissociation, Human Behavior and Consciousness.

Were performed 10 (ten) pre-congress courses simultaneously in areas of interest not only for doctors and odontologists, but also for psychologists, physiotherapists and technicians.

The Brazilian Association of Sleep (Associação Brasileira de Sono - ABS) - and, more recently, the Brazilian Association of Sleep Medicine (Associação Brasileira de Medicina do Sono - ABMS) -, have been concerned about aggregating the areas related to Sleep Medicine and, therefore, the unique joint implementation of the I Congress of Sleep Dentistry. Furthermore, the second exam for certification of Sleep Dentistry where in that, from the 11 enrolled, nine were approved.

There were more than 1120 registered professionals, many of which came from outside Rio de Janeiro, and 119 scientific papers approved for presentation (electronic posters) and the best 5, for oral presentation.

About the awards (two) during the Congress, the winner of the Flávio Aloe Prize was the work Psychometrics features of the mexican scale of sleep quality, signed by "Karen A Fernandez Cruz"; "Claudio Castro", et al. The Florbela Espanca Award, promoted by CENC, of Lisbon/Portugal, went to Polysomnographic study of the prevalence of sleep bruxism in a population sample of São Paulo, Brazil, signed by "Milton Maluly", "Monica Andersen" et al.

A significant number of technicians in polysomnography, a total of 36, enrolled in the test for qualification, of which 25 were approved and certified by ABS.

And finally, were presented three (03) consensus in the area of sleep during the XIV Brazilian Congress on Sleep: on Insomnia, Restless Legs Syndrome and Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome in Childhood and Adolescence and in Adults. All subscribers received, free of charge, copies in a booklet format with the purpose of shedding a light and to guide the professionals of the several specialties.

That's broadly what we did.

Acknowledgements and thanks are necessary. An event such as that is not carried out alone. Hundreds of people were involved, directly or not. It is impossible to nominate everyone but, all of them, no exception, did their best for the congress. More than simple jobs, people did their work with passion, commitment, engagement, from the simplest employee, through the chairwoman of the congress. To all these people, friends and buddies, organizers, support teams and staff, all committees formed, national and international speakers - who graced their conferences with so much knowledge and didacticism -, the pharmaceutical industries, medical devices companies, and other sponsors, our very special thanks.

It shows how we did it!

Integrating health professionals, share and disseminate knowledge in order to improve the quality of life. All this through a sophisticated, comfortable and relaxed academic environment: the human being first, always. The results, the positive numbers, now celebrated, are just effect, not the purpose. This is our philosophy. To go fast, go alone; to go far, go together. That was the spirit of the XIV Brazilian Congress on Sleep. That's why we did it!


Andrea Bacelar
President of the XIV Brazilian Congress on Sleep

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